Aug 10
May 03
My best friend is a fricken douchebag whom I love lol (who also ironically has the same name as my ex, go figure)

My best friend is a fricken douchebag whom I love lol (who also ironically has the same name as my ex, go figure)

Apr 30
Apr 30

If I’m comfortable with you, I’ll:



  • call you names
  • tell you weird and personal details about myself
  • say “I NEED TO PEE” instead of just brb
  • type in caps a lot.

If i’m extra comfortable with you I’ll do all that and:

  • talk casually about porn and really perverted thoughts 
  • share funny photos from my tumblr dash
  • actually tell you when i’m upset 
  • try to make conversation with you 
  • just generally act really silly when I’m in a good mood
  • tell you jokes even if they’re bad 
Apr 10

I don’t know why but I am in love with this women right now… It’s Crazy I absolutely can’t stand rap music (except for Eminem’s) but I could listen to her all day…

Apr 10

Apr 09

… I just realized CoHF comes out next month… Also I have not even finished reading Allegiant, IT CAN’T END…

Apr 03


I’m guessing some people don’t get this and I’m gonna say it again for the last time… I’M NOT A NORMAL GIRL! I’m not one of those prissy, “ugh,.where’s the Starbucks?” “daddy I need money for new clothes” “ew action movies? I wanna watch mean girls 2” girls. I’m not one of those girls who say they like a superhero but have never even watched a.movie based on said hero, or one of those “turn up and get high and drink every weekend girl” an “omgg Miley Cyrus it’s my idol! Ew who’s Black veil Brides? Sounds scary” or am “ew he’s ugly don’t talk to him” girl. If you’re one of these I’m not judging you I’m just stating I’m not that type of person. Though I love Starbucks I don’t constantly crave it, I ask my daddy for money but for books honestly, almost every penny I get goes on books. I like clothes but if I had to choose between buying a first edition copy Divergent and a cute dress, I’d choose the book. I love alternative and grunge music, I listen to all types of music both those two are my loves. I could care less about looks, as long as you’re a good person you’re fine in my book. I can’t stand parties so yes, I’d rather stay home and binge watch The Big Bang Theory or Doctor Who. I’m a big action movie and superhero movie fanatic, in fact I’m just dying for The Amazing Spiderman 2 to come out. I’m a person you can actually have a conversation and not turn all flirty or just plain boring. I can always find something to talk about! Yes.I have my girly moments but then I come back down to earth. Yeah, I’m crazy. I get clingy, I’m emotional, but those are the girly parts and if you can bring them out in me you’re doing something right.

Apr 03

Is it weird that I think of Ansel as Caleb AND Augustus? not really right? I mean he does play both of them…

Mar 31

Soooo we’re talking again guisee c: it’s almost the end of the school year, prom and graduation are quickly approaching a lot of good things are happening lately. I just hope this one thing would speed up (I know he’s going to look at it so I’m talking to you Danny lol) I tried moving on but, it just won’t happen. I don’t have time to learn someone else’s mannerisms, or get used to who they are especially when I still only want him. I’ve taken months to get used to him and I like him, he’s a douchebag but he’s my douche :) and I’m glad to have that douchebag no matter how upset he gets me at times